Geo-Information Solutions GeoInfo Mobile. 

GeoInfo Mobile is developed by Geo-Information Solutions.  The software was developed for the mining and mineral exploration industries to facilitate standard and robust descriptive data collection and GPS location information for field activities.  GeoInfo Mobile runs on Android handheld and phone devices, and Windows laptop and tablet devices.


Geo-Information Solutions provides consulting to the mining and mineral exploration industries.  Geo-Information Solutions focuses on Database, GIS and mobile GPS/database application solutions.  Database support using Microsoft Access and  Microsoft SQL Server and programming in SQL and Visual Basic is a specialty. Geo-Information Solutions provides mining industry field data collection database software, GeoInfo Mobile; and corporate database software, GeoInfo Tools Database.  Geo-Information Solutions provides complete integration of field to corporate database solutions as well as support, training and custom development of integrated database, mapping, and data analysis solutions.

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